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We had an amazing 10 weeks rearing nine puppies and happily found good homes for all of them.  So by March I had time to go to Austria where the Vipassana Meditation trust is considering buying some land to build a centre, two hours from Vienna.  It’s a beautiful place with views of the Alps, so I hope it all goes through.  Next trip was to Belgium for the TEDx talk (see Events).  Now I’m in Barcelona teaching a course and in July I’ll visit Lithuania to check out some land there for a centre.   It’ll be great to get back home with Deni and the dogs (just our three!), and to have a flow of family and friends visit over the summer.

“Hi. I'm Martin Stephens and almost a lifetime ago I acted in many films some of which still have a strong following.  I've opened up this website so you can order photos, ask questions about my career and the films, TV plays and theatre work I did in the 1950's and 60's, and see regular updates of what I'm up to now.  I look forward to hearing from you"

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