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Martin’s latest news...

“Hi. I'm Martin Stephens and almost a lifetime ago I acted in many films some of which still have a strong following.  I've opened up this website so you can order photos, ask questions about my career and the films, TV plays and theatre work I did in the 1950's and 60's, and see regular updates of what I'm up to now.  I look forward to hearing from you"

Last year and this is a quiet period for  film conventions but a very busy one in our private lives.  We're moving house in Portugal from the town to the countryside which will be great for us and our three dogs.  Meanwhile, we're restoring a house in central Spain with a lovely garden and view of the mighty Sierra de Gredos mountains.  We need to be there some of the year to work.  

In May the magazine Little Shoppe of Horrors will be featuring extensive articles about the making of Village of the Damned.  The author, Anthony McKay, is doing extensive research and the result will be fascinating.  Take a look.


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