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© PAST Projects/Martin Stephens, 2013. All Rights Reserved

The following photographs are available for purchase, personally signed by me for £25 each.

To purchase, write your own dedication, eg, ‘To Tom...’ click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and follow the on-screen instructions.
If you wish to send your own photo(s) to Steve at P.A.S.T. Projects he will forward them to me.  There is also a charge of £25 per signature. For details, click here

David & The Zellabys

Photo 1 - David and the Zellabys

Village of the Damned

David, Nancy & Zellaby Schoolroom

Photo 8 - David, Nancy and Zellaby Schoolroom

Miles & Quint


David & Mrs Zellaby

Photo 7 - David and Mrs Zellaby

Miles Drawing

Photo 5 - Miles Drawing

Miles’ Goodnight Kiss

Photo 6 - Mile's Goodnight Kiss

Miles’ Carriage Ride

Photo 4 - Miles' Carriage Ride

The Innocents


Photo 2 - David

David & The ‘Cuckoos’

Photo 3 - David & The 'Cuckoos'

Miles In Bed

Photo 10 - Miles In Bed

Ronnie & Linda

Photo 11 - Ronnie and Linda

The Witches